Olaf by The Villagers and Ole Helge Moe


The mature sweetness from the fruits

of the tranquil dynamics of the vineyard

where the wine farmer and the vine interact

with the spirit of the tenacious harmony

of the scent of eternity's whiff


The result of cooperative work. The grapes are grown, harvested and produced for Ole Helge Moe, Bergen, Norway. Each little vineyard contribute. The village harvest collectively. and the selection and processing are supervised by Ole Helge Moe, the man of Olaf. 


The logic of Norseman making Portuguese wine is obvious. Through several centuries, wine has been Norway's common interest with Portugal. The seafaring nations Portugal and Norway share the drive to explore and trade. Shipping Wine to Norway was as important as shipping cod to Portugal. The righteous trained orlog's officer Ole Helge Moe is simply floating by his right element  landing in the fields of the highlands in Portugal making wine.

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